2003 Foals

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'Airs above the Ground' -- Willow and Steel Bastion 1 month

The babies have arrived!!! Both are healthy and playful. Boy are they cute! Looks like Willow will be either a very dark bay or a black. she has a black face. She also has a small cresent star and a left hind half sock. She is very independent and curious. Steel Bastion is a silvery, liver color with a large white star and a left hind stocking (It will be interesting to see what color he ends up with). He also has a black and silver tail. He is very sweet and trusting, but is very strong for as young as he is. Both babies will walk up and say 'Hi'.

Willow HPF arrived on April 7th 2003. She is out of Juliet, by Feiner Stern. A very precocious girl with an independent soul!!
Steel Bastion HPF arrived on April 11th 2003. He is out of Forged Metal by Donnermeyer. What a sweet boy. And boy is he big and strong!!.