High Point Farm's 2004 Foals

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Zoey HPF first baby born -- St. Patrick's DAY!!!!
Zoey HPF 3/17/2004 a beautiful black filly with two white hind socks and a blaze!

Zoey HPF out of Odette HPF x Routinier. She kind of surprised me. Odette went into labor on the 16th then decided she really was not in labor. Thought it was a false start. Just to be safe, I checked Odette at 12:30am...no baby. Came out in the morning and there was Zoey. I guess Odette was saying that she didn't really need me! more Zoey pics

Zendaro HPF Buckskin colt with a white star born 4/3/2004

Zendaro HPF out of Juliet x RFF El Dorado. He's a real beauty and he is big!! He was born on April 3 while I was out of town. He was not due until the following week and Juliet had delivered 3 babies exactly on due date...who knows...not I!! Ok..so I decided on a different name. I just thought Zendaro fit him better. more Zendaro pics

Fein Zirconius Roho Bay colt with a star. Born 4/18/2004

Fein Zirconius Roho out of Forged Metal (TB) by Feiner Stern (HAN). He was born on Sunday morning April 18, 2004. He's very sweet and elegant. He is going to be tall. He was not as big as Zendaro, but he was taller. I like this name. I found out that Zirconium is a metal, not a gem stone, so I am naming him after his mom, not his dad. I couldn't come up with a good name that had 'Fein' in it. More Zirconius pics.