High Point Farm's 2008 Foals

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HPF Cafe Au Lait & HPF Hero
HPF Cafe Au Lait:: Buckskin colt with a star, blaze and two hind socks. Born 4/10/2008

HPF Cafe Au Lait is out of Zoey HPF by Zendaro HPF: He is a gorgeous clear buckskin with two hind socks and a blaze. He has his momma's temperament (the BEST) and is friendly and curious. He was born very small, but is growing in leaps and bounds. He is now a normal sized for his age. Very good gaits and looks a lot like his daddy. He was born April 10, 2008 during a fierce thunderstorm and was 13 days before Zoey's due date. More Pics

HPF Hero:: His mane now has 1" of platinum and his tail is mostly platinum now.The boy is a peach-colored palomino, not a chestnut!! He was born 4/20/2008

HPF Hero is out of Odette by Zendaro HPF. This is one fancy boy! Very leggy with a drop dead beautiful topline. His gaits are already wonderful and he is a firecracker! He is sweet, a little shy right now, but is friendly and curious. The light chestnut is actually a palomino as his mane is growing in with platinum roots now and his tail is platinum with a chestnut stripe! His coloring fooled me <grin>. More Pics