High Point Farm Sport Horses of Texas

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High Point Farm Sport Horses, 5828 FM 2728, Kaufman TX 75142

Cell Phone : 972-382-3050


About us:

High Point Farm is a small breeding and training farm in Kaufman, Texas. It is about 60 miles East of Dallas. Our Goal is to breed, train and sell a few special horses who have the potential to excel in dressage, jumping and eventing.

The babies are imprinted and handled from birth. They are introduced to the cross-ties, the farrier, blankets, grooming and trailering at a very early age. By the time they are 2 years old, they have been introduced to the bridle, saddle and longe lines. The youngsters are friendly and curious and have been raised in a herd environment, so they all have social interactions. We try to back them when they are about 2 1/2, if they have developed sufficiently, but they really don't do any work until they are three. By that time, they have been saddled, bridled and handled enough that they are ready to begin their career. We pride ourselves on the time we take with each young horse! Come and visit, you will not be disappointed in our horses.