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Willow HPF, a 2003 registered Dutch mare, is out of Juliet by the Hanoverian stallion Feiner Stern. A very nice type and a wonderful dressage mare. She is no longer for sale. I have bred her to the Perlino warmblood stallion Sagar.
Draconian Hero 'Hero' is a 2008 registered Dutch warmblood gelding. He is 15.3h and has a lovely 22k gold, palomino color. His sire is Zendaro HPF (see below) and his dam is Odette (Fairplay/Ulft) who is also the dam of Zoey HPF (Latte's dam). He has very good gaits and is sweet and friendly. Hero is very talented. His type is more like the Gelderlander than the modern Dutch prototype. He has started his changes, half pass and working pirouttes. He has a monster motor and a willingness to work that is heartwarming. *** UPDATE *** I have temporarily taken Hero off the market and put him in training with the Nationally ranked Grand Prix rider Whit Watkins. He has shown a lot of potential for upper level and I am eagerly looking forward to his progress.

*** SOLD ***

Brushed in Gold, a 2006 registered Dutch gelding, is out of Odette by the cremello TB stallion El Dorado. He currently stands a shade under 16.2. He is under saddle and has been to schooling shows where he received scores ranging from 63.5-68.5% (Intro & Training). He is a kind generous boy with a great work ethic and will do well with an amateur or a professional. . **SOLD** Congratulations Mimi B of Texas. More pics.
Zendaro HPF, 2004 registered Dutch gelding, is out of Juliet by the cremello Thoroughbred stallion RFF El Dorado. He is the half brother to Willow HPF (see above). Under saddle and working at training level with a good walk, trot, canter. He went to his first dressage show and did very well with scores 63+% to 70+ % (Training & Intro). He behaved in an exemplary fashion with no shies or acting silly. He has started baby lateral work. Zen is really gorgeous with clear, dappled, buckskin color and a beautiful head and neck (from his mom Juliet) and has a really good mind. Zen stands 16.1h with a little growth still expected. He is very sweet and trainable and has good ground manners and is easy to work with. He would make a wonderful amateur mount.** SOLD ** Congratulation Melissa G of Texas. More Zendaro pics
Odette 1996 Dutch Warmblood mare. Odette is confirmed thru 2nd level, training 3rd. She stands 15.1h and has exceptional presence. She has 3 correct gaits and very (very) nice movement with suspension and carriage. . She & I have done very well at 2nd level, including winning the Dover Medal (65%) and a 2nd level championship (68%) and a reserve 2nd level championship (63%), all in just 4 times out at 2nd level. She is currently back in training from maternity leave. She had a lovely palomino colt in 2008 who is also offered for sale (please inquire). She has gorgeous babies and passes on her grace, exceptional gaits and ridability. SOLD ** Congratulations Kelly W. of Texas!!
d' Cafe au Lait, 'Latte' is a 2008 registered Dutch warmblood colt with rare buckskin coloring. I expect he will mature between 16 & 16.2h. He is very fancy with nice gaits and an exceptional puppy dog personality. His dam is Zoey HPF (Routinier/Rhodiamont) and his sire is Zendaro HPF (see above). He was bred for dressage, but I expect he and his brother Hero would also make a promising driving pair as their gaits and size are very similar. SOLD! Congratulations Audrey Steinbach of Texas.
Fein Zirconius Rojo is a 2004 registered Hanoverian gelding out of Forged Metal (TB) by Feiner Stern (HAN). Ziri is under saddle and working at training level. with a good walk, trot, canter and has started baby lateral movments. He is very nice with 3 good gaits and has also shown considerable talent as a jumper. He is sensitive and sane. He is elegant and powerful and shows real promise as a sport horse. He is quite friendly and has never been spooky although he has quite an independent spirit.. He stands 16.1+ and I expect he will mature right around 16.2. He loads, stands for the farrier, his shots, worming, bathing, blanketing, etc . He went to his first dressage show and did very well for his first time out at training level. He will excel in dressage or jumping although I think his interest is more in jumping. SOLD ! Congratualions Amanda Hardcastle of Tennesee! . More Pictures of Ziri dvd available
Veronique HPF is a 2002 Dutch mare. She is the full sister to Umadio. Her dam is Juliet (WPN) x Rubinstein (HOL). Her sire is Gordios (Han) x Golfstrum II (Han). She has 3 good gaits, all balanced and active . She has a white star on her head and no other markings. She stands 15h and I do not expect her to get any taller. She is sweet tempered and easy to work with, but she occassionally has insecure moments and reacts very quickly. She has been started u/s and is very smart and trainable, but she would do best with a confident, sympathetic person. She will be perfect for the person looking for a smaller mount with the gaits and talent of the larger warmbloods. Niki has been thru the jumping chute and shows considerable talent as a small jumper, too. More pictures of Veronique SOLD! Congratulations Amy Seale of Texas!
Keep the Faith //*/*/// Approved AWS. Successfully competed to I-2 (66+%). Ready for Grand Prix. List of Faith's awards Sold! Congratulations Leacy Corley of Texas!

Umadio is a 2001 dark bay-brown Dutch gelding. He has a little white on his hind coronet and a few white hairs (tiny, tiny star) on his forehead. His dam is Juliet (WPN) x Rubinstein(HOL), his sire is Gordios (Han) by Golfstrum II (Han). Dio is going to be big, probably 17'+. He stood 16' as a 22 month old. He has big bones and is built very uphill. He has big gaits and good balance. He is very friendly and has been easy to work with in all his early training. More pictures of Umadio -- Sold! Congratulations Kenneth Peck of Texas!

Utreyo HPF is a 2001 bright bay Dutch gelding with 2 hind socks and a large white star. His dam is Odette (WPN) x Fairplay x Ulft and his sire is Telstar (WPN) x Nimmedor. He is extremely athletic & has 3 very good, balanced gaits and he has been vetted, so baseline xrays are available. He has been thru the jumping chute and he showed great willingness and tried hard to jump clean. He will be a good jumper given more experience. Trey has some real power and good usage of his hind end and he has shown a great deal of talent for dressage. Sold! Congratulations Lori Snider of Texas! More pictures of Utreyo --
Steel Bastion HPF is a 2003 Swedish/TB gelding, registered AWS. His sire is Donnermeyer by Di Niro and his dam is the approved Thoroughbred Forged Metal by Aluminum.. He has fabulous dressage bloodlines on his sire's side, including Donnerhall and Weltmeyer. This is a very nice young man with good ground covering gaits and his canter is truly excellent. He has been lightly started u/s and is a very easy, uncomplicated youngster who works very well in an open arena (no fence). Bastion has very good movement and good balanced gaits and has improved dramatically over the past year. He has lovely conformation: is long and very elegant with a really nice shoulder, neck and head connection. In his weanling year of 2003 he was inspected by the AWS where he was awarded the gold medal! His score was an 80.6 which makes his designation 'SUPREME', the highest that can be awarded! Bastion has been vetted, so baseline xrays are available. Sold!! Congratulations Rachel Taylor of Texas . More pictures of Steel Bastion
Juliet is a 1991 Approved Dutch Warmblood mare. She has had 4 HPF babies and is currently open. She stands a true 160 cm or 15.3h and is built very uphill. She has only been used as a broodmare for the last 5 years but was (before I bought her) also a riding horse. Julie has wonderful egagement and carries herself with great power. I have decided to keep her daughter, Willow and her son, Zendaro, so I am offering Julie for sale. She is currently in training, coming back from 5 years as a broodmare (pic of her u/s was taken in June of 2006).. She is a wonderful mother, an easy breeder and very easy to handle. Sold!! Congratulations Jennifer VanBuskirk of Texas.
Forged Metal - 1984 bay JC Thoroughbred. I am reducing my mare herd and have decided to sell my Thoroughbreds. 'Tala' is a wonderful mother and very easy to get pregnant. I am not breeding her this year so she is offered open. She has been approved by the AHS (Hanoverian), SWANA (Swedish) and the American Holsteiner registries. In 2004 she delivered a healthy colt by Feiner Stern. Tala has not been used for riding and is offered for sale as a broodmare or a companion mare. She has very nice babies with good conformation and cooperative personality. This is a great chance for someone starting in the warmblood breeding business. She is very easy to handle and has never given me any problems with health issues. Tala stands 15.3. Sold! Congratulations Nita Harmon of Texas