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This is page is read from the most recent news at the top down to older news!

Sept 14-15 2013: Dallas aka Cafe au Lait, did his first 3rd level test with Audrey Steinbach, owner/rider. They turned in a ride that scored 65% the first day and 67+ % the second day. Third LEVEL CHAMPION!! Congratualations to both Audreay and Dallas and the Platinum Dressage Team!

April 27, 2011- Glorianna Jayne HPF was born...A beautiful, pale palomino filly born on my birthday, right before I had to leave to go the CDI in Houston!! She is my best birthday present ever!!

I am going to be vending the Folsom, LA dressage show, Feb 12-13, 2011. ** NEW SHOW** NEW VENUE **

January 26, 2011 - Whew...been a long time since I updated the news. I moved again in 2009 since things didn't work out with the situation in Pottsboro. I currently live in Terrell, TX. All my horses are here on the farm with me, but I am looking for another place to live that is close by so I can keep my horses where they are. My phone number is still 972-382-3050 and I can of course be reached through my email address: jayne@txwarmbloods.com

In other news, Zoey is pregnant! The foal is due in early May...I am hoping for a buckskin filly (or a palomino). I haven't had a filly since 2004 when Zoey was born.

June 24, 2008 - I have finished my move...and have my shop set up so am ready to start taking orders again. I kept my previous number 972-382-3050 so it would be easier on my customers. I also have another number where you can reach me...903-786-9514. My old cell phone, 214-403-8160 IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE. I had the service terminated because I could not get service at my new location. My email remains the same.

I also made a great discovery...Odette's baby, Hero is actually a light, peach-colored palomino. He had chestnut mane and tail when he was born, so I thought he was a light chestnut, but as he got a little older, his mane showed platinum roots, for which I was not prepared, and the only part of his tail that is chestnut is the stripe going down the center...the rest is platinum. He is very fancy!!

May 15, 2008 - The property has been sold and I am relocating to Pottsboro, Texas. My cell phone will remain the same - 214-403-8160 and my email address jayne@txwarmbloods.com will remain the same. You can contact me either way with leatherwork orders or to see my horses, however, the move will impact my timeline for getting orders out, so contact me early if at all possible! I hope to be moved by the 12th of June. My website will be updated with the new information as soon as I have relocated.

April 20, 2008 - Odette had her baby! A really gorgeous chestnut colt..very correct with a lovely topline. He is a firecracker and already has wonderful gaits! His name is HPF Hero, barn name is Hero.

April 10, 2008 - Zoey had her baby. It is a beautiful buckskin colt with two white hinds and a blaze. Very nice topline and wonderful disposition! His name is HPF Cafe Au Lait...barn name is Cowboy. He is really nice!

November 28, 2007 - Well, the financing was pulled on the prospective buyers, so my property is again on the market.

Oct 31 - Nov 4: Vending the Region 9 Championships in Katy, Texas

May 18 - 20: Vending the Dallas Dressage Club Spring Show.

May 4-6: Vending the Houston Dressage Spring Show

April 30, 2007: I am introducing 2 of my homebred stallions to my breeding program and both will be available to a limited number of outside mares. Please contact me if interested. Fresh & Fresh cooled semen is available.

April 14: Vending the Glen Rose Dressage Show

April 6-8: Vending the Texas Dressage Classic

March 31-April 1: Vending the San Antonio Dressage Show.

March 2006: Will be vending at the Frostbite show in Houston from 3/11-3/13. Will see you there.

Feb 1, 2006. I am relocating from Texas to South Dakota. It has just been too hard on me doing everything by myself. I am a one-woman operation and it is taking it's toll. I have family in South Dakota who have expressed their willingness to help. The move will not be a quick one as I must sell the property and about half of my horses, but I have reduced the prices on all my sale horses so now is the time, if you are interested in purchasing..

Jan 1, 2006: I am in the process of redesigning the HPF Designs store for easier loading and access. I have had customers say they are overwhelmed by all the choices, and that sometimes they miss things because there is so much content.

June 2005: Steel Bastion has been to the trainer's for his initial backing. He was only there for 3 weeks as he is still very young and needs more time to develop. The trainer said he had a wonderful mind and would make a great sport horse

June 2005: Veronique has just gotten back from her initial backing. She spent 6weeks at the trainers and is developing into a lovely talented little mare.

May 2005: Odette was shown at 2nd level this year and has already done very well. She won the Dover Amateur medal at the San Antonio Show with a score of 64.6% and won the Reserve Championship 2nd level at the DDC Spring 1 (avg score 56.4%) and the Championship 2nd level (avg score 64%) at the the DDC Spring II

Zoey will be color tested this year, but I'm pretty sure she will be EeAacc. If bred to Zendaro, she will have a 50% chance of producing either a palomino or a buckskin. If not a dilute, the baby could be a chestnut, bay or homozygous black

Zendaro does not need to be color tested because both his parents were color tested; we know for sure he is EeAACc

Odette will be bred in 2005 to the Thoroughbred, El Dorado for a 2006 baby guaranteed to be a palomino.

December 2004. - HPF Designs has started accepting orders for custom leather and beadwork. Order your custom browband or custom caveson now. You can also order collars and belts. Please see the HPF Designs store. It will be under construction as new designs are added.

Fein Zirconius Roho! Born April 18, 2004!! Tala had he baby...A beautiful bay colt by Feiner Stern

Zendaro HPF! Born April 3, 2004!! Our first dilute colored warmblood. A Stallion propect!

Zoey HPF born 3/17/2004
First 2004 foal born!! Odette had a filly:

Oct 11, 2003 - Steel Bastion went to AWS inpection and received GOLD!! He received the 'Supreme' designation and a total score of 80.6! See new pics and scores

Sept 18, 2003 - Juliet, Hera, Odette have been color tested! Juliet is EEAAcc, Hera is EeAAcc, Odette is eeAacc. Juliet will have a buckskin baby next year from her breeding to El Dorado. Hera will have either a buckskin (50%) or a palomino (50%). When we breed Odette to El Dorado in 2004, she will have a palomino!!

Sept 15, 2003 - Juliet has been approved by the Dutch Warmblood Studbook. She received a 65.0 on conformation and a 69.0 on movement. She received a 7.5 on her trot ! Willow, Juliet's filly also went to the keuring. She was well received but is too young to be inspected for studbook. She will be inspected for studbook when she turns 3.

August 20, 2003 - New pics of Umadio

New Mare !! We have recently acquired a lovely 1990 JC Thoroughbred mare. She is in foal to the cremello Thoroughbred, El Dorado. Baby is due May 2004. See pics in the mares' page

Juliet is in foal to El Dorado Due in April 2004.

Odette is in foal to Routinier. Due in March 2004

Forged Metal is in foal to Feiner Stern. Due in April 2004