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This is right after Dio came to HPF. He loved the pond and would dash into it, wallow and roll, then dash out and scratch and roll himself in the hay...He was in heaven!
I came out one morning and saw this little bush way far away by the end of my property...and it would twitch..It was Utreyo who had arrived late the previous night, standing by the fence and swishing his tiny tail....with his mom, Odette standing about 15 feet away. This was her first foal and she seemed a little bewildered.
I moved mom and Trey out of the pasture and put them in my back yard. This pic was taken when he was about 10 hours old (estimated)
A few weeks before her delivery of Trey, Odette would wade out into the pond and just wallow out there...I think the bouyancy of the water was comfortable for her....Here she looks like a Martian w/ her fly mask on!
Here are Umadio and Utreyo about 18 months later. Looks kind of like Dio is kissing Trey, or at least whispering a secret in his ear...Probably just the salt on his skin.
Oh yes, these two can play. This is Steel Bastion (on the right) and Willow (in the air). When I saw this, I had to laugh out loud. This is the meaning of 'Airs above the ground' !