Steel Bastion

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Bastion as a 3 year old. Great bone and a disposition to die for. He is a big boy and will be growing for another 2 years.
He has extremely nice conformation for the hunter ring as can be seen in the photo.
Steel Bastion at the American Warmblood Society inspection. He got a score of 80.6, the highest score at the inspection. He received the 'Supreme' designation with comments from the judge like 'Very responsive gentleman', 'good rhythm and balance', 'very well connected', 'good articulation'. He received and 8.2 on his walk, an 8.0 on his trot, a 7.9 on his conformation (he is a little croup high right now) and an 8.5 on his potential as a sport horse!! Needless to say we are very pleased! He is an elegant and sweet young man! His true color liver-black!
This is Steel Bastion at 3 months old. He is a silvery, liver bay. A very strange and beautiful color!
This is a good shot of Bastion's head. He is the sweetest tempered boy. I am amazed because during his recuperation he was a real pistol..