Willow HPF

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This is a really lovely young lady. She is easy to get along with and very trainable, although she does have opinions on everything!

Willow at the walk.

Another shot where you can see that she will be able to get those shoulders up and out of the way. She is also an exceptionally aggressive jumper. I put her through the jumping chute and she took a row of 3 jumps like they were single stride bounces...And they were 20 feet apart!! She snapped her knees up and rounded over those little jumps like they were 5 feet high!
Photo: Images by Alice
Here is the beautiful Willow, followed by her mom, entering the arena at the NAWPN Keuring.. This was not Willow's best day. She was bored from standing in her stall for so long, so mostly she just dashed madly around. At the end of her presentation, she did show off her beautiful trot. See the picture below.
Photo: Images by Alice
She has a lovely ground covering trot with lots of suspension when she chooses to trot. This is another picture taken at the keuring.
Photo: Images by Alice
This particular gait is what is jokingly known as a 'trantor'. She is cantering with her hind end trotting with the front end (Only a few steps though). taken at the Silver Hill Keuring.