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Brushed in Gold, a 2006 registered Dutch gelding, is out of Odette by the cremello TB stallion El Dorado. This is a lovely palomino gelding. He has very rhythmic gaits and is sensible and calm. He is going to be a big boy..he stands almost 15h as a yearling and I fully expect him to end up between 16.2 and 17h. He is very willing and trainable and has been handled since birth. **SOLD**
Willow HPF, a 2003 registered Dutch mare, is out of Juliet by the Hanoverian stallion Feiner Stern. Willow has just been started u/s and she is really, really smart...you show her something once or twice and she gets it and you can then go on. You go back to it and it was like she has been doing it her whole life instead of once or twice. She has extremely good gaits and goes into the bridle like an old pro. She may very well be my horse of a lifetime...we shall see. She was put thru the jumping chute and is an extremely aggressive jumper with tight even front end and an incredible bascule. I think Willow is going to be a nice size, about 16h. More Willow pics
Zendaro HPF, 2004 registered Dutch stallion, is out of Juliet by the cremello Thoroughbred stallion RFF El Dorado. He is the half brother to Willow HPF (see above). I am raising him as a stallion prospect. He is really gorgeous with clear, dappled, buckskin color and a beautiful head and neck (from his mom Juliet). Zen stands about 16.1h as a 3 y.o.. So far he has not gone through the gawky, ugly adolescent stage. He was a beautiful foal and he is still a beautiful young stallion with all his parts growing fairly evenly. He is very sweet and trainable and has good ground manners and is easy to work with. ** SOLD **More Zendaro pics
Veronique aka Nika, a 2002 registered certificate of Pedigree w/ the KWPN mare, is a full sister to Umadio. She is out of Juliet and by the Hanoverian stallion Gordios. She is quite a fancy little girl, with her neck rising high out of her shoulder, but I think she has finished growing at 15h. She is very sweet and friendly but she is not a child's horse and is definitely not bomb proof. She is going nicely under saddle and has good rhythm and nice gaits. She tends to get tense and a little spooky when in unfamiliar territory, but does not seem to have a problem with indoor arenas. Nika is a beautiful bay with a white star and no other markings.**SOLD** More Nika pics
Fein Zirconius Rojo, a 2004 registered Hanoverian stallion, is out of Forged Metal by the premium Hanoverian stallion Feiner Stern. He is still a little thin and gangly, but is developing into a very nice horse with 3 good, ground-covering gaits and a monster motor. He is a good boy with a superior mind and is going to be a really nice dressage horse. Ziri is still a stallion, but I plan on having him gelded this year. It looks like he is going to be a nice size.....probably around 16.2h. He stands slightly over 16h as a 3 y.o. He is sweet and trainable and should develop into a magnificent sport horse. ** SOLD ** More Zirconius pics
Umadio aka Dio is a 2001 Dutch gelding out of our mare Juliet. His sire is a Hanoverian stallion named Gordios x Golfstrum II. Dio is going to be big! He may very well reach 17.2. He stood 16' as a 22 month old. He is very friendly and eager to please but he has a bit of mischief about him. He has been bitted (with no problems) and has been put into a driving harness and long reined. Dio was shown in one breed classes this year, and he did quite well. Although Dios gaits are not quite a good as Trey's (below) he still shows very nice balance and reach for such a young horse. Dio is dark bay with a white coronet and a few white hairs on his forhead. **SOLD** More Dio pics -- Show News
Utreyo aka Trey is a 2001 Dutch gelding. His dam is HPF Odette x Fairplay x Ulft. Although he is not beautiful, in the classic sense, he has VERY nice gaits and shows a great deal of talent as a dressage horse. His sire is Telstar (WPN) x Nimmedor. His conformation is the spitting image of his sire. Trey is going to be big too. We expect him to reach at least 17.0. His attitude is particularly pleasing and he has taken very well to both the bridle and the harness. He has been shown in hand. He is now under saddle and is one of the kindest, most willing young horses I have ever had the pleasure of working with! **SOLD** More Trey pics -- Show News
Steel Bastion, a 2003 registered American Warmblood, is out of Forged Metal xx by the Swedish stallion Donnermeyer. This is a very nice, modern type youngster with the best disposition. He is uncomplicated and accepting in all his training. He currently stands a shade under 16.3h and is one of the few youngster that is suitable for a novice working with a trainer. He has been thru the jumping chute and shows talent in that area. His sire Donnermeyer has both Weltmeyer (dressage), Donnerhall (dressagne) and DiNiro(jumping) in his lineage, so Bastion should have ability for either discipline ** SOLD ** More Bastion pics