Zoey's Page

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Zoey HPF is trying to decide how to put this darn hat on! She is the nicest, friendliest filly. I am so pleased with her. She already leads, picks up her feet and will come running when I call her!
Here you can see what a nice topline she already has...and she is only 3 weeks old! She is a very pretty girl and although I thought she was going to be black, now I am not sure of her final color. Maybe a liver bay or a dark bay.
Here she is with Jen. She just comes up and says hi! will you scratch me?? She is so sweet. Momma Odette starts walking away and Zoey starts walking toward me. Then Odette will turn around a follow her daughter too!
Here is my beautiful litte filly. We hope to keep her for our future bloodlines! She has exceptional conformation and a temperament to match. I really love this little girl!